Welcome | The Q Report

The Q Report is a powerful evaluative instrument offering analysis of your operation's performance. The Q Report covers all aspects of your business but focuses in particular on the guest experience.

Our trained Q analysts make incognito visits to test your customer service experience. The analysts then produce a comprehensively detailed, well-reasoned, data-rich report. You receive that report within 72 hours.

Founded by hospitality professionals, today Q is a group of multi-talented, global professionals spanning diverse disciplines.

Each Q colleague is a trained analyst with rich experience and a confidential resource you can trust. Q colleagues are full-time company employees, not rent-a-shoppers or third-party contractors.

The Q Report is an affiliate of Richey International, the world’s premier luxury-hotel consulting firm.

Q is worldly and well traveled. We understand nuanced cultural differences and regional preferences.

And our work reflects this – we can norm your data to reflect your unique market mix.

Often! Frequency is key. Q is Q-mulative and trend-oriented. Careful, consistent analysis helps you manage around numeric targets - The Q Report builds the cumulative Big Picture one step at a time.

Our guaranteed 72-hour turnaround lets you start taking action immediately. Talk to us to get Q working for you today.

The Q Report brings your analytics to life - trending, percentiles and rising scores. Our evaluation criteria are cutting edge, designed to bring out highly relevant and revealing performance indicators. Our analysis is smart, well informed, on point and thoughtfully explained.

Improve your performance. Differentiate yourself from competitors. Reap the financial rewards...